7 Steps to Sales Pipeline Management Mastery

To beat your competition in today’s world of Big Data and the Socially Connected Enterprise, you need a simple strategy to manage the potential from all that Sales Pipeline data your team is collecting.  Indeed, Data-Driven Pipeline Management happens when a little science informs the art of managing Sales Teams.  By following these steps, you can begin the transformation from gut-feel to data-driven today!

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Sales Forecasting: Do You Make This Common Mistake?


Sales Forecasting is dumb, disconnected and a complete time-suck for your Sales Team!  If only you could turn your Sales Forecasting process from primarily serving senior management’s visibility needs into a business improvement tool that actually … [Continue reading]

How to Improve Sales Performance Using Sales Rep Scorecards


Creating Sales Rep Scorecards will help you improve Sales performance by sending clear expectation signals, identifying coaching opportunities and inspiring healthy competition.  The single biggest reason you will lose top talent is poor management.  … [Continue reading]

Insider Secrets to Sales Management: An Interview With Extole’s Greg Brown

Final Four Kentucky Kansas Basketball

Winning is a lot easier when you recruit the best players.  Indeed, winning coaches rely on superior recruiting capabilities to give themselves a competitive advantage.  Not sure it really matters if Kentucky Basketball coach John Calipari is a … [Continue reading]

Sales Benchmark Lessons From My Therapist


I thought that would grab your attention.  No, High Tech Start-Up life has not driven me to the psychiatrist’s couch... I’m talking about a physical therapist.  My neck seized up a couple of months ago, leaving me in pain pretty much all the time.  … [Continue reading]

What All Top Sales Managers Know About Demand Generation


Are you Sales-driven or Marketing-driven?  Most enterprise B2B Sales organizations are a mix of Direct, Indirect, Installed-Base, New Business and Over-Lay Sales.  And every one of them would tell you they are Sales-driven.  Marketing does all that … [Continue reading]